Dr Kothari’s Bio-excel Top Results in NEET 2018

Bio-excel Students Shine in NEET 2018

Dr Sarita Kothari’s Students at Bio-excel have scored impressive marks in Biology this year too.
Aastha Patil Scored 330 / 360 in Biology. She is also the City Topper in SC ST category in NEET. Other Bio-excel students that have scored above 300 this year are : Eeshwari Lele 319, Ketki Chaudhari 307, Riya Shirbhate 303, Saket Maheswari 300. Other notable scores in Biology Include : Maansi Mankar 298, Aarti Gehani 295, Priyanka Pande 294, Raskika Narnaware 270.
“ Consistent and dedicated studies , untiring efforts by Faculty as well as students have resulted in these impressive high scores in a tough exam like NEET” said Dr Kothari. Aastha Patil, City Topper in attributed the success to complete coverage of NCERT syllabus coupled with over 51 Test papers and full doubt clearing sessions . The detailed final revisions taken by faculty also helped to recap the subject and complete the final preparation in time for the High Biology score”

Name Score Out of 360
Aastha Patil 330
Eeshwari Lele 319
Ketki Chaudhari 307
Nupur Pande 307
Riya Shirbhate 303
Saket Maheswari 300
Maansi Mankar 298
Rashmi Tiwari 297
Aarti Gehani 295
Priyanka Pande 294
Abhit Parganhe 280
Rakshita Nitnaware 275

According to Dr Sarita Kothari “This years cutoff for NEET is low owing to Difficult paper in Physics. And This is why students who had prepared well for Biology have received higher Rank. If a student desires medical field as a carrier, Even 1 extra mark in Biology can make all the difference, this is why one should prepare for Biology with everything the student can.,”
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