Beware of Fake Kota Faculty

Beware of fake KOTA and retired faculty!

There are a lot of “fake” kota gurus now-a-days .. they claim to be from “Kota” when they are actually from some small town in Rajasthan.

As for their teaching skills the less said the better.

They are comfortable in Hindi and hardly know English. They claim to have experience of 35-40 years, when in reality they have never even seen NEET or IIT syllabus or understand the modern negative marking systems!

Such Fake Kota retired faculty land up in newer towns and try to fool parents and students with their impressive talk and fake results.

All that such fake gurus want to do is to make some quick bucks and then they disappear without a trace leaving students and their parents High and “dry”.

So Before you give your hard earned money to such “experienced” fake kota gurus ask :

  1. Where have they taught earlier?
  2. Do they have any real results in NEET / IIT exams ?
  3. Do they understand and cover State board syllabus?
  4. Do they understand Full NCERT syllabus?
  5. Will they provide Doubt clearing sessions ?
  6. Will they provide original notes or Just copied from somewhere ?
  7. Ask them to explain a topic or attend their demo class to get a feel of their knowledge.
  8. Ask them a few doubts to see the depth of their knowledge
  9. Try to find out if they are here for just a few months or are a resident of your city.
  10. DO NOT assume or believe everything they say. Use your own judgment.
Remember Its your TIME, your MONEY and your FUTURE.. Choose wisely and choose with care!