21 Power tips for scoring high in NEET by Dr Kothari, Bio-excel

Must read 21 power tips for NEET preparation

If you are preparing for Medical entrance or NEET you might be thinking : Is my NEET preparation going on the right track ? what more do i do to give my best shot in NEET exam ?
The competition is tough .. Over 12 lac students appear for NEET every year and only about 30,000 candidates get admissions to Medical colleges. So you need to work hard to get in to the top 3-5% shortlisted candidates. Train your brain that you have to be in top 1%. Always Think positive and don’t be afraid of competition.

21 Power tips for scoring high in NEET

To help you prepare well, Bio-excel team has prepared with these very efficient tips : Here goes :
1. Keep your NEET study plan short and simple. There is no need to stay awake till late night. keep a fixed sleep-wake schedule and tune your body.
2. Don’t waste your time in thinking about NEET format, selection, rumors, gossips etc. Focus your thoughts ONLY on your studies. Read ONLY authentic sources like NTA NEET website and don’t waste your time on other news.
3. Whether you study early morning or late night, always begin your day by reading Biology chapter from NCERT book and at end of day revise the highlighted points from same chapter. Put sticky notes on your NCERT book pages on whatever additional points you learn.
4. Have a Plan for your NEET studies and keep it flexible. BUT follow your plan strictly. consult your teachers and make the best planning of your time.
5.Most candidates successful in NEET advise 8-10 hours of study everyday. It is important to read NCERT and solve 75-100 numerical objective problems or Test paper each day.
6. Make a pocket diary to write important formulas and points you can revise anywhere.
7. To give your best performance you need to stay healthy to stay wise. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Take sound sleep and adequate breaks between study schedule. Remember, if you fall ill, you not only lose the few days of study but also lose confidence. SO Stay Fighting Fit.
8.Read Motivational books, read books on improving memory and improving your reading and writing speed.
9.Don’t pro-crastinate. Always study. Start small and then increase effort with time. Reward yourself for every success.
10. Don’t Try to be “Jack of all trades” .. focus on your strengths and improve your weak areas. Appear and complete as many tests as you can. Make sure to check which questions were answered wrongly by you. Make sure to “learn from your mistakes” and make sure that you won’t answer those questions wrong again. These incremental gains will make you perfect.
11. Ask your doubts without fear. Take help of your teachers, seniors and friends to understand topics in which you are weak. You need to practice and make each topic perfect. Don’t feel shy. Not everybody is as smart as they pretend to be. Remember there is no “foolish question”. Have the courage to ask questions on topics you don’t understand. Make an effort to understand.
12Stay away from Mobile. Make sure you use internet ONLY for study. DO NOT waste your precious time.
13.Deactivate Facebook and all social media accounts. It will be hard, BUT these 2 years are too precious to allow any such activities eat your time. if you have free time : take rest, do yoga, Meditate, take a walk .. but say No to Social Media.
14.Right after your Board exams, start solving ALL old questions papers of NEET, AIIMS, AIPMT. This way you can judge your preparation and weak areas.
15.Get Organized. Maintain Files for Chapter-wise Tests, Full syllabus Notes, Mock tests, full test etc. Be systematic in filing of your papers, you will find it really easy to revise at the end.
16Be your best critic. Be strict with yourself. Give yourself targets. Work on improving your score. Set score higher for next exam. Reward yourself for each target achieved and penalize for non-performance.
17.Understand the strategy to prepare for NEET. You must know weightage of topics in each chapter of each subject. Prepare a chart by analyzing old NEET papers. Prioritize important topics and study them in detail to master them.
18.Don’t cram Physics Formulae without understanding base concepts. Don’t Mug up things. Most Questions in NEET are not direct. Try and understand the concept being everything so much that you can derive the formula by yourself and you can solve application based problems.
19.For Chemistry you have keep on solving equations, understand the structural formations of compounds especially in Organic Chemistry. With Good practice you will be able to score more with time.
20.For Biology : Rely on Bio-excel : do all Units Tests, Chapter-wise test, FULL tests and Doubt solving sessions. Read as much as possible, Revise as much as you can. And make sure you understand concepts and revise frequently. If you follow our system it will be possible for you to score above 300 (out of 360) in NEET Biology.
21. Last but not the least, Believe in yourself. Practice, Practice and Practice. Be Thorough and be confident. The NEET score will follow.

Good Luck!